Fired textile workers visit resisting Flormar workers

Textile workers who were fired for unionizing at Bilgin Tekstil, a textile company in İstanbul, paid a visit to Flormar’s resisting workers who had been fired for the same reason
Monday, 20 August 2018 22:29

The resistance of the workers at the cosmetics store Flormar owned by the worldwide-known French company Yves Rocher continues as the workers were fired for unionizing to protect and increase their rights.

Just like the Flormar workers, six female workers at Bilgin Tekstil, a textile company in the Tuzla district of İstanbul, Turkey, were fired on August 9 because they were union members. Workers who had joined the Independent Textile Workers’ Union (BATIS) a few months ago started to get oppressed by their employer.

Workers who have indicated that they would start to resist in front of their workplace demanding their rights have visited Flormar's resisting workers who have been striking for months.

soL HD asked citizens about the Flormar boycott in front of a Flormar store on August 15, documenting people’s support for the resisting workers. Stating that they would do whatever they can to support the workers, citizens also said that they would join the boycott.

The workers of Flormar sent a message to their co-workers inside the factory through soL HD on August 16, saying that "the directors have turned the factory into a gathering camp of the Nazis," and reminding that the capitalists, who are enemies of workers and trade unions, still blockaded and isolated their working friends by fencing the factory.