Factory workers of Turkey: No precautions, no social distance

The workers of Turkey, who cannot stay at home because they have to earn their livings, have explained the lack of precautions at workplaces to the PE worker solidarity network.
Monday, 30 March 2020 21:30

According to information provided by the workers of the Motorfan Electric Factory located in İstanbul's Arnavutköy, the precautions taken in the factory against the pandemic threat is insufficient. The worker transport buses and the cafeteria in the factory are too crowded as 300 workers are working in the factory and the required distance between the workers cannot be maintained. Any personnel with high temperature is sent home, but the production continues.

The workers contacting Turkey's worker solidarity network PE mentioned that the factory management declared that as of April 1, the workers will be required to go on annual leave and the workers who are not entitled to annual leave will be required to go to leave without pay.

Similarly, the workers of Amana Foods in Çayırova/Kocaeli district have informed the PE solidarity network regarding their problems related to worker health and safety. According to the workers, sufficient number of gloves and masks are not distributed to workers in the workplace where canned goods of meat and vegetables are produced. The security equipment is held in stocks.

“The masks distributed in production unit are not for protection, but to prevent fall of hair. The body temperature of the workers must be measured every day when they come to work in order to take the required precautions. We have old and retired friends. Their situation is more risky. The transportation buses are crowded and the situation is not compliant with the regulations published by the Ministry,” the workers stated.

According to statements of the workers in Istanbul's Arnavutkoy Goksu Plastic Factory, many migrant workers are working in the factory and they are forced to work even on holidays. Their social security premiums are paid over minimum wage and their overtime salaries are not paid. In addition, the workers mentioned that they do not have enough lunch or rest breaks in the day.

According to information received from Topkapı Yarn Factory in Hadımköy Industrial district, the factory busses are crowded and the business owners do not take any precautions related to the pandemic, although the workers request it.