European army in midst of imperialist aggressiveness

SoL columnist Erhan Nalçacı writes on what the military of the European Union stands for in the midst of imperialist aggressiveness today
Tuesday, 29 January 2019 13:53

We are witnessing the aggressiveness of the US imperialism in all fronts.

The recent coup attempt in Venezuela and the support of the most reactionary Latin American regimes for the US and the coup attempt has become the most prominent example of such aggressiveness. We will see whether the coup attempt will be followed by a military intervention.

While the preparations are underway to rebuild the war-torn Syria after the US failure, the US has announced that it will apply financial sanctions to companies that will be involved with the rebuilding process.

In fact, we are witnessing such an aggressiveness that has lost its touch with the reality and sought no legitimacy at all.

No need to look for an actor who is responsible for the increasing bombardments in Syria in the past few weeks!

The US has withdrawn from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, and thus, the nuclear armament competition has begun.

The Crimean crisis now resembles to a bomb ready to explode.

In the US, the government is still not in function due to the shutdown, which means that civil servants cannot be paid and the poor cannot benefit from the public services. Nonetheless, no one should think the deep state is not planning military invasions, coup d’états, provocations, assassinations because of the shutdown.

On the other hand, the imperialist aggressiveness is not one-way but multiway. In January, China has declared its intention to merge with Taiwan by any means, including military options.

In the midst of such imperialist aggressiveness, the idea of a European military has become prominent again. If you do remember, this issue was highlighted last year and Macron stated that the European military would protect Europe even against the US.

The reason behind this tendency is the cooperation agreement signed between France and Germany in Aachen last week.

According to the agreement, an armed attack against France or Germany will be considered as an armed attack against the both, despite being members of the North Atlantic Treaty. The agreement further foresees cooperation and exchanges in the military industries. In this way, France could exchange its nuclear arms so that Germany would become a nuclear power.

The agreement also foresees the establishment of a council that encompasses 50 MPs each from France and Germany, the promotion of teaching French and German in both countries, and the deepening of economic integration between the two.

The cooperation between the biggest European economies, namely France and Germany, is called as French-German Axis since the agreement signed between Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adanauer in 1963.

We know this axis of evil since the suppression of the French commune in 1871 and we know very well its contra-revolutionary nature.

But why the European Union military now?

Following the Second World War, the US has become the world hegemon and could control the European states within the framework of NATO. The class enmity against the USSR further integrated NATO states. The US was somewhat the pioneer of the EU.

Now, the US’ power to represent the common interests of dominant classes has diminished. Germany and France do not consider Russia or China as the enemies of dominant classes despite the deepening of imperialist rivalries.

While the Brexit has badly damaged the EU, Germany and France are ready to begin a new era of an imperialist axis.

This does not demonstrate to whom they will cooperate with or what they will aim at. This demonstrates their tendency to act autonomously from the US and the EU.

The US will react against such tendency and will probably employ ultra-political means to keep NATO together. In fact, there was recently a scandal about the hacking of Merkel’s and other important German politicians’ computers and private information.

On the other hand, the working classes are uprising against the life conditions they are forced into in Europe as well as the rest of the world. There is an increase in the rise of workers and the true face of imperialist policies become vivid.

 We do not know about the French-German axis but we do know that the motor force of history, class struggle is strengthened.