EU should boost funding of Syrian refugees: Turkish official

The EU should spend more than it does now to fund Syrian refugees in Turkey and it should speed up the flow of money, said a Turkish official from the Foreign Ministry
Monday, 16 December 2019 15:23

The Turkish Foreign Ministry’s EU point person stated that the European Union should spend more than 6 billion euros to fund Syrian refugees in Turkey. The Turkish official also stated that the EU should speed up the flow of that money.

“As long as the crisis is there we have to work together. The 6 billion euros will not solve the problem when it is finally all spent,” Faruk Kaymakçı told reporters.

The EU, which set up the funding in 2015, says more than 5.6 billion euros have been allocated, more than 3.5 billion contracted and more than 2.4 billion disbursed, as reported by Reuters. Kaymakçı said hosting the refugees costs Turkey some $40 billion in total.

Turkey and President Erdoğan himself has threatened several times to “open the gates” to allow refugees into Europe when in dispute with the EU.