EU Parliament recognizes self-proclaimed US-backed Guaido

The European Parliament decided to recognize US-backed Juan Guaido who declared himself the 'interim president' in Venezuela
Thursday, 31 January 2019 15:45

The European Parliament (EP) issued a resolution for Juan Guaido, who was recognized as "interim president" of Venezuela by the US President Donald Trump and his allies.

The resolution called on the EU governments to recognize Guaido as the "legitimate president".

In the official vote in Parliament, Guaido was recognized as the "interim president of Venezuela".

Juan Guaido also announced today that the US President Donald Trump called him and that he told Trump that he appreciated Trump's reassurance about recognizing him and giving humanitarian aid.

The Venezuelan government, on the other hand, issued an international travel ban for Guaido. Chief Prosecutor Tarek Willam Saab asked the Supreme Court to "take measures" to prevent Guaido to leave the country and to freeze his financial accounts. The high court approved the request.

One of the last steps of the US pushing for a coup in Venezuela was to confiscate the accounts of the Venezuelan government in US banks. The US State Department said the Venezuelan government would allow some of its assets in the US bank accounts to be used and controlled by the opposition. Accordingly, the control of some of the assets belonging to the Venezuelan government or the central bank of Venezuela is given to Juan Guaido by the US.