Erdoğan: "Turkey is indispensable NATO country; NATO renewal is inevitable"

Turkish President Erdoğan said before the NATO meeting, "NATO's security umbrella is very important for us. Our country is an indispensable partner of NATO"
Tuesday, 03 December 2019 10:20

Turkish President Erdoğan made statements before flying to London to attend the NATO meeting.

Erdoğan, at the press meeting, said that "NATO renewal is inevitable. Turkey expects the allies to seek ways to expand cooperation, rather than seek alternatives."

Seeking NATO's renewal, Erdoğan also added in the same statement that Turkey "is an indispensable NATO country."

According to the statements of the Turkish President, if Turkey's NATO allies do not recognize the terrorist organizations that Turkey is fighting against, Turkey will oppose its Baltic plans. Earlier, Ankara had vetoed NATO's defense plan for Poland and the Baltic states, claiming that the US refused to support the same for Turkey.

In NATO's new defense plan for Turkey, there is no possibility to recognize the PYD/YPG as terrorist organizations, according to anonymous diplomatic resources, as even the agreements signed between Turkey and the US or Russia do not declare these organizations as terrorist organizations.