Erdoğan himself makes more law amendments than Turkish parliament

Turkish parliament stays behind the president Erdoğan in terms of lawmaking after the presidential system was accepted
Sunday, 09 June 2019 15:29

While President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan himself issued amended 1,880 articles with 37 decrees in a year after the new presidential system, the Turkish Parliament amended only 503 articles with 32 laws including international agreements.

With the new system, the practice of introducing the government's bill to the Parliament was abolished and the MPs were given the authority to submit bills, but this change has not been implemented. The bills submitted by the opposition parties' MPs have not even been discussed in commissions.

As reported by Emine Kaplan from Cumhuriyet daily, in the Turkish parliament, which, Erdoğan said, would be more "effective and powerful", 32 law proposals with 503 articles including 11 international agreements were adopted within a year. Most of the adopted bills were brought to the agenda of the Assembly as a “bag law”.

In the first months of the new system, the Parliament was unable to work effectively because there was no proposal for a law on the agenda, and then because the work of the parliament was interrupted due to the March 31 local elections.