Erdoğan to chose who to be exempted from compulsory military service

A new bill proposal authorizes Turkey's President Erdoğan to exempt chosen people from the compulsory military service
Wednesday, 29 May 2019 20:45

A new bill proposal passed in the parliamentary commission grants Turkey's president the authority to exempt particular citizens from the compulsory military service. Such citizens would be assigned to ‘special voluntary fields required’ by the state. Nevertheless, the bill proposal does not indicate any information regarding the qualifications of these volunteers.

"In peace times, in times of state of emergency and martial law, and in war times, volunteers assigned to special fields by the President would be exempted from national service if they abide by the conditions required by the President,’ the proposal states.

On social media, the CHP MP Mehmet Ali Çelebi interrogated about the qualitative details of the fields and the volunteers. He further interrogated about what the volunteers would do in peace times.

The CHP MP Abdüllatif Şener underlined that ones who had money would be upgraded whereas ones who did not have money would be conscripts. He highlighted that the President would cherry-pick the conscripts with no further cost. He further underlined that ones who had money would not become martyrs.