Electric wires in assembly hall increase tension, say Turkish MPs

A new reconstruction work starts at General Assembly Hall due to demands of Turkish parliament members: Latest complaints include orange seats and electric wires that are believed to increase the tension
Tuesday, 23 July 2019 15:07

General Assembly of the Turkish Parliament has been restructured in various periods according to the reports prepared by members of the parliament. The hall has been restructured latest after June 24 elections to be suitable for 600 members. 

Latest complaints from the MPs were related to “orange seats made of gazelle leather” and “electronic voting system”. The MPs have claimed that the color of the seats increase the tension in the General Assembly and wires that pass through the floor increases the tensions in the hall and asked for a solution.

Parliament Presidency in Turkey decided to reconstruct the electronic voting system as requested by the MPs. The system will be updated according to current technology and the cable problem will be solved, according to the sources.

The reconstruction works to take place during the summer will focus on the electronic system. The seats will not be changed, it is reported.

The MPs, who receive 22,000 TRY (approx. 3,900 USD) monthly, have worked a total of 64 days since January and now the parliament is closed for 74 days due to summer vacation. Turkey's MPs have worked a total of 5 months in a whole year.

Only 39 of the 2 thousand 19 law proposals submitted to the Parliament were accepted in this period, while 41 presidential decrees consisting of 1 thousand 915 articles were put into effect.