Citizens enter mining site in Kaz mountains to protest environmental destruction

In the Kirazlı Atikhisar Basin of Çanakkale, Turkey, citizens entered into the mining site to protest the environmental destruction by the Canadian gold company Alamos Gold, its local subcontractor East Biga Madencilik and Turkish ministry
Monday, 05 August 2019 14:44

In the Kirazlı Atikhisar Basin of Çanakkale, a big meeting has been held today against the tree massacre carried out by Doğu Biga Madencilik, the local subcontractor of the Canadian gold company Alamos Gold.

Thousands of people marched to the construction site to protest the destruction.

Thousands of people went to the mining site, where the citizens clashed with the security personnel at the entrance to the construction site for a short period of time. But the pressure of thousands of citizens who wanted to go in gave results and the doors had to be opened.

Thousands of people entering the site started to plant trees.

Numerous political parties and many progressive institutions, organizations, and trade unions are in the field for support. Dersim Municipality is among those who support the resistance. TKP Çanakkale provincial organization entered the meeting area with the slogan "Socialism against looting."

This week's podcast, "Voice of TKP" of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP), also touched on environmental destructions and looting.

Reminding that "construction of a "national garden" on Lake Salda, declaring the Mount Munzur as a mining site, giving the historic train station building in Ankara to a private university, and the destruction in Kaz Mountains cannot be considered separately", the podcast said "the struggle against this attack, where political power is working arm in arm with the capitalists, must not remain at the regional levels but a total struggle should be raised."

"Within the framework of these demands, we will be against this plundering of the ruling AKP and the capitalists. We once again declare that we will continue to fight for our future from the Kaz Mountains to Munzur," TKP added.