CHP requests annulment of district elections and presidential elections

Appealing to the Supreme Election Council (YSK), Turkey's main opposition CHP requests re-run of district elections and cancellation of presidential elections of 2018
Wednesday, 08 May 2019 16:06

Turkey's main opposition CHP responded with a new appeal to Supreme Election Council (YSK) after the council decided to annul and re-run the Istanbul metropolitan municipal elections and cancel the official certificate of elected mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu.

CHP appealed to the YSK and requested annulment and re-run for June 24, 2018, parliamentary and presidential Elections as well as March 31 local elections in 39 districts of İstanbul.

Upon the CHP's appeal, the YSK decided to hold an extraordinary meeting today.

Submitting the application of the party to the YSK, CHP Vice Chair Muharrem Erkek said: "If you cancel the İstanbul metropolitan mayoral elections, then you also have to cancel the local elections in 39 districts of İstanbul as well as June 24 parliamentary and presidential elections."

“If the YSK (Supreme Election Board) is sure about its decision on the Istanbul elections, then it should also revoke the mandate of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan because the same laws, regulations and same polling stations officials were applied in both elections,” he also told the reporters.

Erkek also announced that they have submitted an objection of absolute unlawfulness to the election council. Meanwhile, İyi Party, CHP's ally in the latest local elections, also appealed to the YSK, raising an objection of absolute unlawfulness.