Alamos Gold ending activities in Kaz Mountains due to suspension of license

Canadian mining company Alamos Gold and its local subcontractor in Turkey announced that the activities of the firm were halted due to the suspension of license after felling 195 thousand trees
Tuesday, 15 October 2019 15:11

Canadian Alamos Gold, which slaughtered thousands of trees in search of gold, announced that it had halted its activities in Kirazli due to the suspension of mining license renewal. The local subcontractor, East Biga Mining, announced on social media that the project would become operational in 2021.

In the statement released today on the official website of Alamos Gold, it was stated that all activities in Kirazli are suspended due to the suspension of mining license renewal.

Alamos Gold indicated that the activities cannot be completed until the renewal of the license, adding that the mining license was not canceled and could be renewed even after the expiration of the license. Although it was said that the company has fulfilled all the legislation required for the renewal of the license and the renewal is expected to be done before the deadline, it was also claimed that the protests in Kirazli have grown due to the false information on social media.

In the statement made by the local subcontractor of the company East Biga Mining on Twitter, it was said that the Kirazli Gold Mine Project will become operational in 2021.

195.000 trees have been cut for gold in the area. The number of trees slaughtered was four times more than the amount indicated in the report of Environmental Impact Assessment, it was reported

In August, citizens entered the mining site to protest the environmental destruction by the Canadian gold company Alamos Gold, its local subcontractor East Biga Madencilik and Turkish ministry.

The construction was criticized because the companies would reportedly use 20,000 tonnes of cyanide and the environmental pollution caused by the mine would affect a wide area including the Kaz Mountains.