13th Congress of TKP convened in İzmir

The 13th Congress of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) convened in the western city of İzmir under the slogan, “Revolutionary Party, Party for Revolution, on her 100th Anniversary”.
Monday, 10 August 2020 13:22

The 13th Ordinary Congress of TKP was held on August 9 in Turkey’s western city of İzmir as the Party celebrates her 100th anniversary this year. TKP had been established in Baku in 1920, a year after the foundation of the Communist International and just following the Baku Congress of the Peoples of the East.

The Party Congress adopted the congress report and took some decisions regarding the Party’s 100th anniversary and the upcoming period of struggle as the national conference was held with a limited number of delegates due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Congress adopted a decision to establish the Unity Trade Union in order to enable the workers’ united struggle considering that the workers have faced severe attacks of capitalism during the pandemic. 

The Congress also decided to establish the Solidarity Assembly. The foundation of the Assembly will be released to the public in the upcoming days.  

The 13th Congress designated the new central organs of the Party. The details of the congress resolutions will be announced in the upcoming days. 


The 13th Congress of TKP was greeted by communist and workers’ parties from all over the world. The following parties conveyed their solidarity messages: 

Communist Party of Albania

Communist Party of Australia 

Party of Labour of Austria

Communist Party of Azerbaijan

Democratic Progressive Tribune, Bahrain

Workers’ Party of Bangladesh (Marxist)

Communist Party of Belgium 

Workers’ Party of Belgium

Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia

Brazilian Communist Party (PCB)

Communist Party of Britain

New Communist Party of Britain

Communists of Catalonia

Communist Party of Chile 

Socialist Workers’ Party of Croatia

Communist Party of Cuba

Progressive Party of the Working People - AKEL, Cyprus 

Communist Party of Denmark

Communist Party in Denmark  

Communist Party of Ecuador

Revolutionary Party Communists - France

Unified Communist Party of Georgia

German Communist Party

Communist Party of Greece

Hungarian Workers’ Party

Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Tudeh Party of Iran

Iraqi Communist Party 

Communist Party of Ireland

The Workers' Party of Ireland 

Communist Party (Italy)

Peoples’ Revolutionary Party, Laos

Socialist Party, Lithuania

Communist Party of Luxembourg

Communist Party of Malta 

Popular Socialist Party of Mexico

Communist Party of Mexico

New Communist Party of the Netherlands 

Communist Party of Norway

Communist Party of Pakistan

Palestinian People’s Party

Palestinian Communist Party

Philippine Communist Party (PKP-1930)

Portuguese Communist Party 

Communist Party of Soviet Union

Union of Communist Parties - CPSU

Communists of Serbia

Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain

Communist Party of the Workers of Spain 

Communist Party of Spain

Sudanese Communist Party 

Communist Party (Switzerland) 

Syrian Communist Party

Syrian Communist Party Unified

Communist Party of Ukraine

Marxism-Leninism Today Journal (USA)

Party for Socialism and Liberation (USA)

Communist Party of Venezuela

Communist Party of Vietnam