110 workers working for Turkey's Central Bank dismissed because of being unionized

Subcontractor of Turkey's Central Bank dismissed 110 workers because they were unionized
Wednesday, 30 January 2019 12:54

Cleaning workers employed by the subcontractor firm hired by the headquarters of Turkey's Central in Ankara are being dismissed because they are unionized.

According to Mustafa Çakır from Cumhuriyet daily, among the 170 workers working for the subcontractor firm in Central Bank's headquarters, 136 were unionized.

After the previous contracting firm lost the tender for the year 2019, the workers refused to sign the company's notice of termination of contract. The new contracting firm whose contract will start on February 1, on the other hand, called the unionized workers for interviews and asked the workers if they would resign from their union in case they decided to continue working under the new firm.

The workers denied resigning, noting that they had constitutional rights to be union members, according to the sources.

After the results of the interviews were announced, 110 workers were informed that the subcontractor would not employ them in Central Bank's headquarters office.

"We have been working for this institution for 15-20 years. We're dismissed because we're unionized. But unionization is our constitutional right", said the workers talking to Cumhuriyet. The union and the new contractor firm did not make any statements about the case of dismissed workers.