'Yo Soy Fidel': Friends of Cuba salute Cuban revolution in Ankara

Hundreds gathered in Ankara to salute the 60th anniversary of the Cuban revolution with the participation of representatives from the communist parties of Turkey and Cuba
Tuesday, 04 December 2018 14:26

Friends of Cuba met at a solidarity event on December 1 in Ankara as part of the Cuba Week events organized by the José Martí Cuba-Turkey Friendship Association with the attendance of representatives from the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) and the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC). Hundreds of people participated in the event that enhanced feelings of solidarity with Cuba.

José Martí Cuba-Turkey Friendship Association organized various events in İstanbul, İzmir, and Ankara within the context of the 'Cuba Week' dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Cuban revolution. As the events continued from November 25 to December 1, the last route point was the Turkish capital city of Ankara.

The event in Ankara was launched with a piano recital by the young Turkish pianist Dengin Ceyhan, followed by a video show in memory of Fidel Castro, the historical leader of the Cuban revolution.


Talking at the event, Yiğit Günay, the chairperson of Cuba-Turkey Friendship Association, pointed out that 58 years had passed between the Cuban revolution and the death of Fidel Castro. "What Fidel did in these 58 years is an important legacy for us. The world went through various transformations several times in these 58 years, but Fidel and Cuba could endure all such difficulties. Imperialism always talked about how the Cuban revolution would disappear, 'Cuba won't be able to survive after Fidel's death,' they even said," Günay said, adding that the Cuban revolution is still living thanks to the strength of the organized people.

Juan Carlos Marsan Aguilera, the General Director of International Relations department of PCC, also delivered a speech at the event and thanked the TKP and the Friendship Association. "Indeed, Fidel mentioned about a political program and the political aspirations of his generation during his defense, 'History Will Absolve Me'. The Communist Party of Cuba was established with Fidel's efforts. Fidel is the most important figure in obtaining today's social gains," he said, adding that they continue the revolution today.

Mentioning the subversive actions against the Cuban people in international and economic aspects, Aguilera reminded that socialist Cuba would live with the will of Fidel and the revolution. About the constitutional reforms in Cuba, he said, "the draft constitution has been discussed by the people for a long time. We are carrying out this constitutional reform to ensure the future of the revolution".


The Secretary-General of the Communist Party of Turkey, Kemal Okuyan, also talked at the event. He said that Fidel had left his mark in history. "I also attended the 80th birthday [event] of Fidel. Fidel was ill at that time; there were deep concerns in the country, but Fidel gradually prepared the country for his absence. He was an extraordinary person, millions of people paid farewell to him as an extraordinary person in 2016. The people were crying, but there was no sentiment of despair; the Cubans had a great self-confidence."

Stating that the people who are looking for revolution around the world owe this small country, Okuyan said that the solidarity with Cuba should go beyond slogans like "Long live Cuba!". "We will fight against the blockade. We will fight against those who are trying to bring Cuba to its knees. We will hold Cuba's hands," he said, adding that we should emancipate humanity from capitalism and imperialism in order not to leave Cuba alone in the world where billions of people live.

Talking about the debates on the Cuban constitution, Okuyan said that the current conditions did not mean that Cuba deviates from socialism. The event was concluded amid cheerful ovation and slogans, 'Yo Soy Fidel!' --' I am Fidel!!