Woman delated on bus gets arrested

A passenger on the bus to airport saw text messages of a woman, and informed the police. The woman got arrested
Wednesday, 21 February 2018 04:04


A man on a bus to the Sabiha Gökçen Airport of İstanbul, Turkey, informed the police about a woman, M. D. A., telling that she was texting in a WhatsApp group called "Devrim-Der" ("Revolution-Assoc."). The man also told the police that the woman had pictures of Abdullah Öcalan, the jailed leader of the militant Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

Acting on the information, the police forces called the bus to a halt, and took the woman into custody. Even though the police did not find any elements of a crime in the woman’s luggage, they took her to the prosecution office. By the demand of the prosecutor, the woman got arrested.

There have been other cases of delating since the AKP passed a legislation in August 2015 in order to "give prizes to those who help to capture the perpetrators of crimes within the scope of anti-terror law". The legislation estimated an amount of prize between 300.000 Turkish Lira (nearly $80.000) to 4.000.000 Turkish Lira (more than $1.000.000).

A woman named M. A. in Ankara, Turkey, was delated on January 18 for talking on the phone about the Gezi Park Protests and the attempted coup of July 15. M. A. was taken into custody for "insulting the president".

Yet another case took place in Ankara again, on February 5. A 20-year-old man was reported to shout at the balcony of his house. Accused for "treason" by the neighbours, the young man was delated to the police, and taken into custody. He was then revealed to be out of psychiatric supervision as a result of negligence. The case was strange, as it clearly showed that the ideal society projected by the AKP seems to be “patriotic” enough to delate mentally unstable people to the police for "treason".