US Embassy in Ankara shut for 'security threat'

The U.S. embassy in Turkey's capital Ankara will be closed to the public on Monday due to a security threat and only emergency services will be provided
Monday, 05 March 2018 07:11

The US Embassy in the Turkish capital of Ankara will be closed on March 5 because of a security threat, the embassy said on Sunday in a statement.

The statement posted on the embassy's web page urged U.S. citizens to avoid the embassy in Ankara as well as large crowds. It did not specify what the security threat that prompted the closure was.

"The Embassy will announce its reopening, once it resumes services," the statement said.

The embassy pointed out that it would provide only emergency services while being closed. "Routine services, such as passport renewals including lost or stolen passports, reports of birth abroad, and notarial services, are not considered emergencies.  Requests for these services will be processed through our online appointment system once the Embassy reopens.  Visa interviews and other routine services are cancelled; applicants will be informed directly of steps to take," the statement added.