Turkey's Zorlu Holding forbids politics to workers

Turkey's Zorlu Holding forbid its workers to engage in political activities in its work places by compelling them to sign "ethical codes" document. Among the companies owned by Zorlu group is Vestel, which is a professional appliances manufacturing company that received a super incentive from the AKP government recently
Tuesday, 17 April 2018 22:41

Turkey's Zorlu Holding, one of the biggest holdings in Turkey, sent a document of "ethical codes" to all its companies on April 17, prohibiting political propaganda at Zorlu Holding's workplaces. Vestel is one of the companies owned by Zorlu group and it received the super incentive from the AKP government on April 9.

The document forbids the workers of Zorlu Holding all kinds of political activities. Zorlu Holding compelled its workers to sign this document. The ethical codes document consists of 31 pages and its foreword was written by Ömer Yüngül, the CEO of Zorlu Holding.

Article 12 of the ethical codes says "We can never let activities that aim to disseminate political views like political propaganda at work places owned by Zorlu group. We can never allocate company resources (cars, computers, e-mails and etc.) to political activities.

Zorlu Holding also established an "informant's hotline" to detect workers disobeying this rule. In the same document of ethical codes, it says "All the workers wishing to share any act or regulation contradicting to ethical codes can reach ethical codes hotline every hour of the day through calls and e-mails."

The workers forced to accept disciplinary proceeding in case of any violation of these rules by signing the document.

The professional appliances manufacturing company Vestel owned by Zorlu group received super incentive certificate from the ruling AKP government in a ceremony held at the presidential palace on April 9. Vestel received the incentive by means of a project of an electrical vehicle battery. The amount of the super incentive given to Vestel is 7,072 billion USD.

The total amount of the whole super incentives provided to 23 different projects id around 33 billion USD. These super incentives provided by AKP government is expected to have high costs on the capital budget.