Turkey's dependency on foreign sources in health sector is very high: Minister of Health

Turkish Minister of Health admitted that the Turkish health care system is very much dependent on foreign sources
Tuesday, 12 March 2019 15:07

Turkish Minister of Health, Fahrettin Koca, admitted that the dependence on foreign sources of Turkey in the health sector is alarming. "The dependency rate is 54 percent in drugs, 82 percent in medical equipment, 84 percent in medical devices, close to 100 percent in vaccines," the minister stated.

Koca also added that the ministry plans to decrease this dependency by 50 percent until 2023.

The Minister, who admits dependence on foreign sources in health, is also the director of the much-debated "City Hospitals Project" in Turkey. The cost of the city hospitals projects, which have been carried out in cooperation with private companies, is reaching astronomic amounts. The total cost of only 18 projects reaches $60 billion. The number of projects to be built is planned to be 32.

According to the report of the Turkish Medical Association, the high cost of city hospitals results in overcharging for patients and worsening the working conditions for health workers. It also increases the risks of occupational accidents and poor quality health care services.