Turkey’s communists held electoral rally in Hacıbektaş

The Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) held an election rally in Hacıbektaş district of Turkey’s Nevşehir on March 28. As hundreds of citizens gathered in the rally, TKP’s Hacıbektaş mayoral candidate Ali Haydar Can Sümer stated that Turkey would talk about Hacıbektaş after the elections of March 31
Friday, 29 March 2019 22:59

The Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) held an electoral meeting on March 28 in Hacıbektaş district of Turkey’s Central Anatolian province of Nevşehir.

As hundreds of people living in Hacıbektaş attended the TKP’s electoral rally, Ali Haydar Can Sümer, Hacıbektaş mayoral candidate of Turkey’s communists, said: "We have promised to work for the people. We’ve promised not to discriminate among people, and to share everything with the public. Now, we promise these once again in the presence of the Hacıbektaş people. Are you ready to rewrite the history in Hacıbektaş? We will do it all together, and we will win!"

Stating that the most basic needs of the Hacıbektaş people will be fulfilled under the TKP municipality following the elections to be held on March 31, Sümer noted: "We will be a ray of hope in Hacıbektaş. When we win the elections here, Turkey will talk about this district."

"Hacıbektaş does not deserve this disunity. We will unite, and be in solidarity with each other. In Hacıbektaş, people are threatened with their jobs and labor. We will end these dirty politics," Sümer added.


Enver Aysever, a journalist and writer attended the meeting as a speaker, stated: "Bourgeois politics is on the rise all around the country. We are now such a moment that we absolutely need enlightenment, equality, and freedom. That’s why I attend the meetings wherever there is the voice of equality and freedom."

Noting that the people of Hacıbektaş want equality, freedom, and revolution, Aysever said, "I’ve seen smiling people since I came here. People, here, are in solidarity with each other, and they want to create a new option. It is not easy to build a new world but you are about to accomplish something very important in this district.’’

"People in Hacıbektaş will not surrender today just as they resisted in the past," Aysever concluded.

Artist-singer Gülcan Altan performed her songs for the people of Hacıbektaş.


Speaking after Aysever, Kemal Okuyan, the General Secretary of the TKP, said that "People in this country cannot smile anymore. It is meaningless to tell, again and again, the bad situation our country is in today. We have visited all over the country. The conditions in every corner of Turkey are the same. We will not surrender to atrocity and oppression in this country."

"They are asking us where to find the resources. We will create an independent, free and equal country. Those who are responsible for the poor circumstances of Turkey and those who exploit people in order to get richer could no longer exploit within the social order established by the communists! The working people will rise to eliminate this exploitation," Okuyan continued.

Underlining that the TKP will further increase hope growing out of the communist mayor in Ovacık district of Turkey’s eastern province of Dersim, Kemal Okuyan said: "If you decide to choose the communists, we will raise the district of Hacıbektaş in a year. We will create a much more beautiful Hacıbektaş all together."