Tourism workers unlawfully dismissed won

Anı Tur tourism agency in İstanbul, Turkey, that fired around 50 workers unlawfully in September had to compensate severance and notice pays of them following the decisive resistance of the workers
Wednesday, 03 October 2018 00:16

Workers of Anı Tur, a tourism agency in İstanbul province of Turkey, who had been unlawfully dismissed from their work in groups during September, won their struggle on October 1.

Following their dismissal, some of those workers started a protest on September 17 in front of the agency building to demand their unpaid severance and notice pays. Anı Tur confirmed on October 1 that the pays of the workers will be compensated.

Anı Tur had fired around 50 workers from the sales, customer relations and ticketing departments without showing any reasons and official documents of dismissal. The agency also forced the workers to sign a notice of resignation to be used in case of a legal proceeding. The workers speaking to soL news note that the agency management told them they would not be paid any money if they open a court case against the agency and that their only chance is signing resignation notice. Some of the workers found their personal belongings at the bin behind the agency building when they were informed about their dismissal.

Announcing fraudulent bankruptcy, Anı Tur has not been making any payments to hotels and customers who made reservations as well.


The workers who won their struggle got together with the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) members at Nazım Hikmet Cultural Centre (NHKM) in İstanbul on October 1. TKP had supported their resistance, paying a visit to the workers on September 27 in front of the agency building.

One of the workers said "There are several people who wait for their money back. Other agencies, customers and workers. The agency declared bankruptcy. We were the only ones who were paid their money back. Isn't it so clear? Only those who acted together and resisted got their money."

Noting that some of the workers who were fired did not take part in the resistance, another worker said "They now admit that they wished they acted together with us. We would not have got our money back is we did not struggle. We realize that we had no other chance than getting organized."

"One of our friends led us, in fact. If it were not for him, we would not have won. He informed us of our rights.", added another worker.