TKP Kocaeli Mayoral Candidate: "You cannot lower the voice of TKP"

In a press conference, Communist Party of Turkey’s (TKP) Kocaeli Mayoral Candidate Mustafa Tozkoparan stated, “The ones who think they can lower the voice of TKP are mistaken. As the choice of working people, TKP is getting stronger” regarding the assault against the elections stand of TKP last weekend
Tuesday, 19 March 2019 13:59

A fascist attack was made against TKP's stand for elections campaign in Turkey's Kocaeli. Talking in a press conference organized by the city branch of the Journalists' Union, TKP's mayoral candidate for Kocaeli, Mustafa Tozkoparan, clearly stated that they will not allow obstruction of the party’s campaign. Tozkoparan stated, “The attackers are the people who are disturbed because the voice of the working masses are getting stronger” and said that TKP will strengthen its campaign.


In the press conference, it was stated that TKP will participate in the March 31 mayoral elections in all municipality councils with its candidates for 30 metropolitan city mayors, 51 city mayors, and 87 district mayors.

In his declaration, Mustafa Tozkopran stated, “The local governance perception of the Communists is not to govern the people, but to govern with the people. We have municipal council candidates in every district of Kocaeli, we will obstruct their tenders, decipher their corruption. We will bring to account the occupational murders. We will breath down their necks in every dirty resolution they will make” and called the people of Kocaeli to empower TKP.


Tozkoparan who quoted Agriculture and Forestry Minister Pakdemirli’s words comparing the mayoral elections in İzmir to recruiting a CEO for a company and stated: “ A communist mayor will not be a CEO, but will be a leader in order to mobilize the organized people who have elected him.”

Tozkoparan also mentioned the economic crisis saying, “The construction workers working at the construction site of Kocaeli City hospital have started demonstrations because their salaries were not paid for three months and the company officials answered them that they shall wait for two more months because of the crisis.

Workers in this country work ten hours a day in constructions and are paid after five months. In addition, they want us to believe that this is normal. Why? Because there is a crisis".

"Yes. The crisis is real. This crisis brings death to the workers while it brings more wealth to the capitalists. On one side, there are workers who work without being paid and on the other side; there are construction bosses who get richer by tenders guaranteed by the government.

On one side there are laid off workers due to the decrease in production, on the other side there are bosses who use millions of dollars for new investments,” the communist candidate added.


After the statement of Mustafa Tozkoparan, municipal council candidates made their statements.

Darıca Municipal Council Candidate Tarık Bozkurt stated that there were only two sides of this election; the bourgeoisie parties and the party of the workers and masses, TKP.

Bozkurt underlined the importance of participation of the workers in this election for their class interests, while the bourgeois parties participate in the elections for the interests of the capitalists.

Bozkurt stated that the projects promised by the bourgeois parties are lies whereas TKP has only one project and it is to organize the people to be the political agent of politics instead of its object. He concluded his words by saying that the only way for the people to express themselves in politics is possible by supporting their class party TKP.