TARİŞ attempts to divide workers’ solidarity

Workers at TARİŞ oil olive factory in Turkey, who have been in protest to be in solidarity with 7 workers dismissed for union activities last week, were forced to sign an ‘apologia’ by the factory management, including a phrase ‘‘We started this protest under pressure of the labour union’’
Tuesday, 13 November 2018 21:54

A large number of workers had started to protest at TARİŞ Cotton and Oil Seeds Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union in Turkey’s western province of Izmir after the dismissal of seven workers due to their activities for unionization last week on November 6. It has revealed that the factory management has put the pressure on the workers in solidarity with the dismissed seven workers since the beginning of the protests.

As the dismissed seven workers continue their protest with the support of other workers at the factory since Nov 7, TARİŞ bosses stepped into action to divide the solidarity among the workers. 

According to information received by the Breathe Down Bosses’ Neck, a solidarity, communication and struggle network against the current financial crisis and its profiteers  ─the capitalists─ established by the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) in Oct 2018, the Human Resources Manager of TARİŞ told workers that if they sign an apologia containing a statement ‘‘We started this protest under pressure of the labour union, and we didn’t know it constitutes a crime," the factory authorities will not take legal action  against the workers.

Rejecting this indecent proposal of TARİŞ bosses, workers declared that they will not sign such an agreement, and they will continue to be in solidarity with the seven workers unlawfully and arbitrarily dismissed by the factory management. Thus, the attempt of TARİŞ administration to divide the workers’ solidarity has been repelled.

As their legal rights under the Constitution, workers at the TARİŞ demand to get enough salary to live inhumane conditions, and they want the labour union to be recognized by the factory management and a collective agreement.

Workers struggling against the capitalist exploitation at TARİŞ underline that they will continue their resistance until the dismissed workers take their jobs back.