Surgeon prescribes prayers rather than medication

A surgeon in Turkey’s Bursa hands out lists of prayers to patients, rather than prescribing medication. Local health authorities launch official investigations about the doctor
Tuesday, 20 March 2018 20:40

A surgeon working at a training and research hospital in Turkey’s Bursa has been revealed to be handing out lists of prayers to patients, rather than prescribing medication.

Local health authority and medical chamber launched official investigations over the case.


The reactionary surgeon, identified by the initials A.T., works at the Yüksek İhtisas Training and Research Hospital’s General Surgery Polyclinics in the Nilüfer district of Bursa.

According to an article in the local Yeni Dönem daily, a patient suffering from ulcers got examined by A.T.; however, the surgeon told the patient, “Only prayers can help you,” and gave a long list of prayers as a treatment rather than prescribing medication

A.T. then asked the patient which medicine they were taking and warned not to use that drug as it contains “pork gelatine”, which is considered non-halal in Islam.

To confirm the claims, journalist Lale Akasoy got an appointment with the surgeon, and was handed out the same prayer list by A.T.


After the incident had been revealed, the hospital administration and Bursa Health Department launched an official investigation about the surgeon A.T.

Talking to the BirGün daily, Dr Güzide Elitez, president of Bursa Medical Chamber, stated that they also started an investigation into the case, and remarked that it is not possible to approve such behaviour of a medical doctor.

“A doctor, who has to examine their patients within a scientific framework in line with the medical training they received, to prescribe prayers and to ask patients to pray restrict patients’ right to access healthcare,” said Elitez.