soL editor appears in court for 'defaming' via news on Islamic cleric's paedophilic statements

soL Turkish Chief Editor Ali Ufuk Arıkan appeared in a court for a 'defamation' case filed by Islamic preacher Nurettin Yıldız for airing news on his paedophilic statements. Yıldız argues that 6-year-old children can marry
Wednesday, 07 March 2018 00:10

soL Turkish Chief Editor Ali Ufuk Arıkan appeared in a court on March 6 for a "defamation" case filed by Nurettin Yıldız, a pro-government Islamic preacher known with his misogynist and paedophilic statements.

As Yıldız sued soL for "defaming" himself through the news about his own statements, Yıldız and his attorneys did not appear at the court hall. Attorneys of soL News demanded the court that Nurettin Yıldız appear and repeat his statements in the trial. The court decided to delay the case for the attendance of Yıldız in the next hearing.  


"Working women contribute to the process of prostitution," Yıldız previously said. He further argued that watching female speakers on TVs is a sin.

Stating that Islam imposes no age restrictions for marriages, Yıldız also said, "There can be marriages between children or between a child and an adult. For example, a marriage between a 7-year-old girl and a 25-year-old man, or a 7-year-old boy with a 25-year-old woman," clearly revealing his unlawful and paedophilic tendencies.

Yıldız also said that female and male citizens should not use an escalator together according to Islamic principles since they may have a sexual intercourse in a few minutes during the "escalator journey". 

Previously, another Turkish court fined soL columnist Orhan Gökdemir for calling Yıldız a paedophile, who had stated that 6-year-old children could marry. Faced a fine of approximately $760, Gökdemir said, "either those perverts who claim that little children can be married, or we will prevent this with a harsh response."

Yet another criminal charge was laid against Odatv editor Barış Terkoğlu for the news about the Islamic cleric who supports child sexual abuse. 

The rate of sexual crimes, sexual assaults, harassments and child sexual abuses has extremely increased during the rule of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s AKP government. The rate of child abuse in Turkey increased by 700 percent in the last ten years in Turkey, according to a report on child abuse prepared by Prevention of Violence and Rehabilitation Organization.