Rock falls in Soma, 8 mine workers injured

Eight workers were injured as a result of rock falling in a mine in Soma, Manisa
Friday, 14 December 2018 13:41

Eight workers got injured after rock falls on mine workers in Işıklar Mine, operated by Soma Mining Inc., in Turkey’s Soma district. Three other workers who were trapped inside the tunnel were rescued.

According to the information obtained by soL news, the first collapse in the mine happened during the morning shift. After it was repaired, the operations still continued at the site due to production pressure. But a second collapse happened in the night shift.

Işıklar Mine was using the "Kara Tumba" (“Black Tilt”) technique that was banned by mining regulations. “Kara Tumba” means that there is a single point used as the entrance and exit in the mine site. If there is a collapse between the working area and this one point, the chance of workers getting out is minimized.

Coal mining company Soma Mining Inc. were also operating the Eynez mine where 301 miners lost their lives. Işıklar mine operated by the same company was closed in May 2014 due to deficiencies but reopened a few months later.

Alp Gürkan, the CEO of the Soma Mining Inc. was acquitted together with other 36 defendants after a court decision in July 2018.