PYD in talks with Damascus and Moscow to cooperate against Turkey's operation

Following the decision of the US to withdraw from Syria, a delegation from PYD talked to Moscow and another to Damascus to demand the protection of borders against a possible operation of the Turkish government
Friday, 28 December 2018 14:07

Following the decision by the US President Donald Trump to withdraw troops from Syria on 19 December, the PYD started negotiations with Russia and Syria to co-operate.

During the talks, the PYD demanded from the Syrian army to come to the region under the control of the YPG to protect the borders.

Following the call, Syrian army announced on December 28 that it entered the center of Manbij and raised Syrian flags on the administrative buildings in town. According to the statement of the Syrian army, the YPG gave the Syrian army control over the region.

Speaking at the Reuters news agency, PYD official Aldar Khalil said that another visit to Moscow was planned. He expressed that they hope Russia would force Damascus to "fulfill its duties arising from its sovereignty". "We have contacted Russia and the regime because of the search for an open mechanism to protect the northern borders. We want Russia to play an important role in stabilizing", he added.

Delegates from the Turkish government including the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of National Defense, the Head of Turkey's National Intelligence Organization and the presidential Spokesman will go to Russia on December 29 to talk about the developments in Syria. According to the sources, Ankara will request to use the airspace of Syria.

Turkey's AKP government announced a military operation in northern Syria, targeting the US-backed Kurdish YPG militant group, on December 13. After the US' decision to withdraw from Syria, Ankara announced that a military advance against Kurdish YPG militants in northeastern Syria would be delayed until the US pullout is over.

Following the announcement, the Turkish army and FSA troops were relocated to the Manbij border. Starting from Saturday evening on December, 22 in the Sajur region, more than 8,000 Turkish army and Free Syrian Army (FSA) members have been transferred to the zero point on the border.