Public workers are forced to attend AKP rallies

Public workers were brought to the election rallies of the ruling AKP under the threat of being dismissed, according to the sources
Ankara, Turkey
Monday, 18 March 2019 13:53

Syrian refugees and municipality workers were brought to Erdoğan's rally in Turkey's Gaziantep last weekend, organized for the upcoming local elections on March 31. The workers and refugees were transferred to the place of the rally at the center of Gaziantep from the surrounding districts.

Some people took attendance with the list of names in their hands and some workers were asked to prove that they attended the rally by taking selfies, it is reported.

According to the sources, the workers of the district municipalities were actually forced to attend the election rally because the authorities threatened them to dismiss. 

Last week, public workers including security workers and other workers in municipalities of Ankara were also transferred to the election rally held by the AKP in Gölbaşı, a district of Ankara. 

Alican Uludağ from Cumhuriyet reported that when the workers were asked where they were going, they said they were being transferred to the rally of the AKP by busses. The workers in Ankara also stated that they were obliged to go, otherwise they would lose their jobs.