Pro-Kurdish HDP lost elections in Şırnak: Massive misconduct reported

Sirnak, a Kurdish town in the southeast of Turkey, in the previous elections with the vast majority voted for HDP, in the current election, voted for President Erdogan’s party AKP
Sunday, 31 March 2019 22:00

In the last elections, current mayor of HDP earned 59.6 of the votes, whereas the latest count at the polls showed 34.7 in favor of HDP and 61.9 for AKP.

The discrepancy between two elections raise questions about the misconduct at the polls. It has been reported that military and security forces were displaced from their bases to Sirnak in recent months.

MP of Şırnak, Hüseyin Kaçmaz, in his press statement, “since January, after the eligible voters were officially announced in each neighborhood, there has been a massive transfer of military and security forces to the city. Our efforts to reclaim these actions were rejected. This is a threat against democracy, this is a coup against Şırnak city.