One more Islamic State member released in Turkey

The person allegedly participating in armed activities of ISIS and establishing the grounds for members of the organization in Samsun was released by the Turkish court
Friday, 15 December 2017 20:17

The person who killed someone during a fight in Iraq and, after released from prison, was taken into custody for participating in armed activities of Islamic State (IS) and establishing a place for members of the organization in Samsun was released again by the Turkish court.

Samsun Police Department Directorate of Counter-Terrorism Branch launched an operation into an apartment. After the operation, Iraqi Ameer Ibrahim Sulaman Al Awar (44), who allegedly helped members of the IS organization coming to Samsun, was arrested and taken into custody. In his apartment, 25 mobile phone SIM cards were found. The digital inventories and sim cards were seized. It was also argued that Al Awar who killed a person in Iraq by hitting his head with a hard object was released after bribing and joined into IS.

Ameer Ibrahim Sulaman Al Awar, on charges of being involved in armed activities of ISIS, was referred to the courthouse in Samsun on December 15.

Al Awar was sent to the court on for arrest by the public prosecutor but released by the court. The Counter-Terrorism branch turned Al Awar over the Directorate of Foreigners to expel him.