Minibus smuggling Syrian people into Turkey crashes, killing 10

Ten migrants are dead in the Turkish border province of Hatay after the driver of their minibus tried to speed past a security checkpoint and lost control of the vehicle
Sunday, 03 December 2017 20:12

A minibus smuggling people from Syria into Turkey hit a truck on the Turkish side of the border on Sunday, killing 10 people on board and severely injuring seven others.

The head-on collision happened in Hatay province in the afternoon after a team of Turkish gendarmerie teams tried to stop the minibus from evading a checkpoint, not far from the Syrian frontier.

The driver ultimately lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a truck coming from the opposite direction.

Photographs published by local media showed rescue teams around the crushed remains of the minibus, which had been sealed off by white tape on the edge of a country road. 

Turkey hosts more than 3 million refugees, mostly from Syria.