Migrant found frozen to death in Turkey's Edirne

Body of a migrant frozen to death was found in a paddy field in Turkey’s Edirne
Thursday, 06 December 2018 13:16

The body of a male migrant was found in a village of Meriç, Edirne in Turkey. The body was frozen to death and it is claimed that the migrant was one of those sent back to Turkey by Greece. The village where the body was found borders the Greek land.

The body is still unidentified. The authorities claim that the migrant was dead at least for two days.

The local authority of the village stated that lots of illegal migrants have been sent back from Greece and they have come to their town. “Some come all wet, some are beaten when they come; we bring our own clothes for them to wear”.

In Meriç, Edirne, four frozen bodies have been found in the last 5 days. Bodies of three migrants who are also believed to have frozen to death were found in border villages only two days ago.