Jaguar's supplier MATA Automotive Turkey fires 29 workers

MATA Automotive Turkey unlawfully fired 29 workers without paying any compensation
Sunday, 01 July 2018 19:22

Turkey branch of MATA Automotive dismissed 29 workers, 2 of which are branch representatives of workers' Metal-İş Union, without paying any compensation on July 1.

The dismissed workers have been on a slowdown strike for a while, and not staying for overtime works to protest their employers' anti-union acts. The employers of MATA filed reports and a petition against the workers' union during the process of the ongoing lawsuit at the factory.

The workers are to discuss and decide on a struggle agenda at the general centre of Metal-İş Union.

MATA Automotive Turkey is the supplier of luxurious automotive firms like Jaguar, Tesla, Aston Martin and Bentley. It manufactures decorative interior and exterior components for the automotive industry. Since the unit prices of MATA is quite high, its profitability figures are above the rates of the whole automotive sector in Turkey.