INTERACTIVE - Closer look at politics of fascist leader Akşener and İyi Party

In order to understand who Akşener is, if her connections to the unsolved political murders in the 90’s, the Susurluk case, her racist past are not enough, one can also look at her anti-women past as a "woman" party leader, as a friend of capitalists appearing at the congress with a worker helmet on her head, or the appraisals for NATO in her party program while pretending to be against the NATO bases in Turkey…
Sunday, 22 April 2018 16:14

Turkish former interior minister, ultra-nationalist, Meral Akşener, launched a political party called İyi (“Good”) Party in October 2017.

The dissolution of Devlet Bahçeli-led MHP within AKP and the presence of a group of right-wing politicians who refuse to join AKP brought İyi Party forward as a central-right party project.

Meral Akşener seems to have guaranteed to make her name pronounced more than that of President Erdoğan during the pre-election period. 

But what kind of rhetoric and politics did Akşener deploy in this process?