ING Banks' hypocrisy revealed on Twitter

The general manager of ING Bank, Turkey, tweeted on sexism in job interviews, but users object to her, claiming that the bank itself does it
Pınar Abay, the general manager of ING Bank, Turkey.
Tuesday, 13 February 2018 06:59

The general manager of ING Bank, Turkey, Pınar Abay, tweeted on February 11 about the sexist double standards in job interviews. The responses, however, revealed the colour of the issue.

Abay stated: "I think it is violence to ask a woman in a job interview if she considers having a baby. It is unacceptable. Do we ask men such questions?"

While many users of Twitter responded to the tweet, two, in particular, demonstrated the reality behind these words.

A woman mentioned Abay and asked: "Do you think your bank does not ask this? How can you twist the facts in such a way? Or how can you be so uninformed about your bank? All aside, I have always explained that I was fired on lies because I gave birth. Are you in good conscience?"

Another user of Twitter contradicted the claim by telling that his wife was fired after a month of mobbing following her labour. The user then stated: "My wife worked for ING. She gave birth, and you fired her after the maternity leave. All you can do is hoodwink."

Banking and finance sector workers, on the other hand, gathered for a meeting in İstanbul, Turkey, in order to establish a people’s committee, with the assistance of the Labour Centre of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP). The committee aims to rise against mass layoffs, long working hours, mobbing, and the pressure of performance, as well as to become prevalent in the strongholds of capitalism.