Communists' electoral victory in Turkey's Dersim had international impact

Communist Party of Turkey received several solidarity messages after it increased its rate of votes in the March 31 elections and won Dersim municipality
Thursday, 04 April 2019 12:48

Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) received numerous solidarity messages from the communists and workers' parties of the world and youth organizations, congratulating the communists' victory in Dersim and the increase in the rate of votes all around Turkey.

In the messages emphasizing the historical significance of the success of the TKP and the fact that the election results showed the party had been expanding its influence among the working people, greetings were sent to Fatih Maçoğlu as the first communist provincial municipality president.

Communist Party of Greece (KKE) stated in its message that "The TKP countered the bourgeois plans, resisted to the bourgeois pressure and achieved giving a solid battle, enlightening the people of Turkey on the real problems that the capitalist mode of development causes for the workers, putting the way of struggle against the bourgeois power in local and central level in the spotlight, projecting the only pro-people alternative - socialism!"

Wishing Turkey's communist success in their future struggles, KKE added "We salute the fact that the TKP utilized its electoral campaign in Turkey in order to establish roots in dozens of new working-class and people's neighborhoods, which is an important achievement that will help enhance the struggle of the working class and of the popular strata in your country."

Expressing their congratulation to TKP, Hungarian Workers' Party wrote that: "The Communist Party of Turkey sent clear and convincing message to the Turkish people: there is political force in Turkey which can propose a real peoples’ solution of the actual crisis and it is the TKP."

"The TKP demonstrated its ability to mobilize wide masses of working people. The TKP showed to the world that it has fair and honest candidates to represent the working people," Hungarian communists added.

Communist Party of the Worker of Spain (PCTE) congratulated TKP for the important results received in the elections. "Turkey has now the first city governed by communists," the message added.

Communist Party of Syria congratulated TKP and its leaders for their electoral victory in Dersim province in Turkey under the AKP regime representing the reactionary Muslim Brotherhood movement.

The Communist Party of Cuba also greeted the election results of the TKP verbally.

"This important victory in this city stands out Communist Party of Turkey as a powerful force," wrote Communist Party of Ecuador.

The fact that Dersim is to be governed by a communist municipality found wide repercussions in the foreign press as a special topic on local elections. The national and international news channels and newspapers of different countries such as Telesur, Middle East Eye, Sputnik, Peoples Dispatch, The Independent, Politico, Morning Star, Süddeutsche Zeitung, EuropaPress, Xinhua wrote about the remarkable winning of Turkey's communists.