Communist Party of Turkey declaration for countrywide workplace organisation

The Communist Party of Turkey releases a declaration report following the party's meeting on workplace organization across the country, showing concrete organizational steps among the working class in the road to an egalitarian society to overthrow capitalism
Tuesday, 12 December 2017 23:38

The Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) released the final declaration of its meeting on the organisation of workplaces. The meeting took place on Dec. 10 in İstanbul with the attendance of the secretaries of the party's workplace cells across the country.


Defining the workplace organizations of the party as the basis of the struggle for overthrowing the capitalist system for an egalitarian and free system for the workers, the TKP declaration says that the workplace cells are the pillars of the party's organisation among the working class, strengthening the class characteristics of the TKP as well.

"The TKP continues its organisational works with a detailed planning in the fields of production and service particularly factories, mines, schools, hospitals, banks, plazas, construction sites, workshops, airports and shopping malls," the declaration continues, adding that the TKP's recently accelerated enlargement is apparently observed at workplaces.


Announcing that the workplace cells will follow the crimes of capitalists against the workers, the TKP declares that the factory cells will carry out an active struggle against the Justice and Development Party's bans on workers' strikes and the impositions of the Turkish Employers’ Association of Metal Industries (MESS) during the collective bargaining process including over a hundred thousand of metal workers.

The declaration also announces that the "People’s Committees of Bank and Finance Workers" will be established in January 2018 for a deep organisation of plaza, bank and finance workers against the financial monopolies and the ruling government.

In addition to the workplace organizations in the field of education, health and municipalities, the TKP declaration says that the party is ready to organise the airport workers at İstanbul’s third airport which is still under construction.

Referring to the "TKP Labour Centre", the declaration concludes that the party will launch a training work within the centre so as to provide political, educational and legal support to the workplace organisations of the party, including such works of labour law and workers’ health and safety.