Communist party says this social order must be toppled down for protecting children

Communist Party of Turkey made a statement, calling for the overthrow of the capitalist system to protect the children from murders and abuses
Thursday, 05 July 2018 23:58

The Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) said “Down with this social order” for the protection of children, with a statement on July 5, regarding the recent murders and abuse of two children.

The statement came after the death of Eylül Yağlıkara, an eight-year-old girl who had been missing since June 22; and Leyla Aydemir, a four-year-old girl who disappeared and found dead after 18 days.

The medical report revealed that the cause of Leyla’s death was forced starvation by yet unknown perpetrator/s. Eylül, on the other hand, went out to play with her friends on the day she disappeared, but never returned. After 7 days of search and rescue operation, she was found buried under an electric pole. The initial medical reports suggested that she was tortured, sexually abused and strangled to death.

TKP noted “This social order is not capable of preventing the disappearance of children while playing in front of their homes, the violence inflicted upon them, and their death for nothing”, in the statement. The statement also reminded that the social system which is “not capable of protecting any humanitarian values” ignored and protected the perpetrators of the systematic abuse of children in the dormitories of religious cults; forced hundreds of children to marry or compelled them to the workforce and exposed them to armed clashes.

The statement said that the AKP party, its bureaucrats and pro-government media abused the recent deaths of two children to bring the issue of capital punishment and chemical castration back to the agenda. Noting that the Minister of Interior made scandalous comments regarding the death of Leyla by saying “God forbade there is no sexual assault”, the statement of TKP said the ruling AKP government paid no heed to the sorrow of the families of dead children.

Through the violence inflicted upon the society via corrupt media outlets and social media, the statement said, the society is paralyzed and thus prevented from giving a real reaction.

“The society is left to the options provided by this social order when it comes to the issue of the murder of children, forced to choose between religious fundamentalism and the rules of pro-market corruption. It is obvious that no solution is possible under these circumstances”, the statement concluded.