Children forced to perform Islamic roles in kindergarden

A drama performance in a private kindergarten in İstanbul, Turkey witnessed scandalous images
Friday, 15 December 2017 02:26

Children of 3-6 years were made to perform an Islamic traditional family life as the girls washed the feet of boys and cooked while the boys nestled on the floor table. The girls in old dresses were also wearing headscarves.

Main opposition party CHP deputy Barış Yarkadaş brought the issue to the agenda of the parliament, saying that the Islamist transformations in the educational system of Turkey have been causing such scandals. Yarkadaş noted that children cannot differentiate between the facts and a game, and that such impositions may condition children. He added that the ruling AKP government has been taking steps to suppress the women while boosting masculinity.

The school board had to remove the photographs of the performance from its Facebook account upon the reactions.

Both the AKP government and its ideologists have been promoting steps that abuse children. While Turkey was shaken with the news that children had been systematically raped at a government-backed Ensar Foundation's dormitory, a pro-government columnist encouraged child marriage last year.