Attacks on communists’ electoral safety campaign in Turkey

The police on Wednesday wanted to ban the petition drive in Turkey’s southern province of Adana without any legal justification
Friday, 20 April 2018 06:57


The campaign for "Defending the Right to Vote" conducted by the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) and the People’s Committee (PC) has been tried to be banned by the police on Wednesday in Turkey’s Adana.

The police, who came to the area where the petition drive was conducted, asked for ID cards of TKP and PC members and checked their criminal records.

Saying that they will investigate petition brochures and "Boyun Eğme" (Do not Surrender), the weekly political journal published by the TKP, police forced party members to stop the campaign.

Despite police’s pressure, the TKP and PC members decisively continued their campaign. Upon this, law enforcement forces called the municipal police on the pretext of "opening unauthorized stand in public," and tried to fine the party members.

After the municipal police stated that they are not entitled to fine a political party booth, the police fined the TKP and PC members on the grounds of the Article 32 of Law on Misdemeanor.

The members announced that they would continue their campaign in the same location tomorrow for defending the right to vote.   

The People’s Committee was established upon the call of the Communist Party of Turkey following the fraudulent referendum on April 16, 2017.